PacAvia is an aviation asset management and technical consultancy providing project management services and specialist expertise in the leasing, operation and maintenance of commercial aircraft and engines. We work worldwide with banks and financiers, major airlines, lessors, investors, insurers and owners of private aircraft.

Tailoring our range of services to suit each of our clients’ specific requirements, we work with each company, project and team on an individual basis. We have a depth of experience in managing the technical projects and records requirements associated with commercial aircraft which enables us to save our clients significant human and financial resources (and less headaches along the way!).

We are fully conversant with the differing legal and statutory requirements in transferring aircraft between operators in differing countries and aviation authorities.

For us, our relationships are imperative. We work closely with our clients and manage relationships on their behalf, to achieve a positive outcome for all. We are often in situations where our client is a lessor and we are working inside the company of the operator using the asset, so we understand the complexities and how to work with all involved.